I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, plant -based food connoisseur , lover of all living creatures and Lyme disease conqueror, who decided to take my health into my own hands and fight my way back to the life I longed for. After experiencing the most frightening health crisis of my life, and not getting relief or answers, no matter where I turned, I knew it was time commit to finding answers or risk never feeling well again. Thankfully through proper testing, I was able to uncover various healing opportunities that allowed me to naturally and holistically heal from Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s disease, mold toxicity, elevated metals, significant detoxification malfunction and hormone imbalances. The best part was that I was able to support my body and healing 100% naturally.

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While I love to travel, talk to my house plants and own an impressive collection of health and beauty inspired cookbooks, my true passion lies in challenging the limits my athletic abilities by taking on new activities including fitness competitions, mud runs, competitive corn-hole and aerial yoga.

I love starting my mornings off with some time in the sun daydreaming about what the day will hold while sipping on a green smoothie.

My proudest accomplishment is being a member of the plant -based community. I truly believe that every sentient being deserves a chance at living their best life. Sometimes we just need a little guidance.

I am strong, I am compassionate, and in search of the perfect vegan cupcake!

Day. After. Day. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t find anyone interested in going deeper to help me find answers. I spend many hours seeking out various professionals but because I was fairly young and looked healthy I was not taken seriously and my symptoms were written off as stress and being a little burnt out.


my story

When the tremors and numbness started I was scared. When I started having heart palpitations, mental confusion and standing blackouts, I was downright terrified. I went to a doctor who said it was entirely possible that I had early onset MS but did not feel testing was necessary just yet. That’s when I took matters into my own hands. I was determined stay the course and finally get some answers, and thanks to a holistic cardiologist, who took the time to really listen, I did. After learning about my past history and current experiences she did what no one else did... she ran some tests. It was because of her ability to follow her gut and think outside the box, that I got my answer. Much to her surprise, as well as mine, my symptoms had a name, Lyme Disease.
From there life moved fast. My healing could finally begin because we now had a path to follow. Along the way we discovered a host of other healing opportunities including mold, metals, thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalances and a newly acquired autoimmune disease. All of this I viewed as a reason to rejoice. I had the lab results to correlate with all of the symptoms I was feeling and I WASN'T CRAZY! I could now work with my body’s own amazing ability to fight illness and restore health. This is the point that I became obsessed with true and lasting healing, not only for myself, but for the thousands of others who, like me, were failed by those they consulted and trusted and had suffered for far too long.

Walking through quicksand... that’s the best way that I can describe how I felt. 

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